Application of composite calcium sulfonate in iron and steel metallurgy industry


The rapid development of the steel industry, the use of […]

The rapid development of the steel industry, the use of a large number of advanced technologies and advanced materials, put forward higher requirements for the grease used in the steel industry:

1. More effective in reducing friction and wear under heavy load, high temperature and high speed operating conditions;

2. It has good stability in long-term work and harsh environment, and has longer service life and lubricity;

3. Has a strong sealing ability to prevent dust, water and other harmful media from entering the lubrication site;

4. Anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance and anti-emulsification

A series of outstanding properties of the composite calcium sulfonate grease make it possible to meet the above requirements. Although this grease was put on the market in the 1990s, there are a large number of steel metallurgical factories in the world. At present, Bengang and Baosteel have started to use this grease in China. The combined benefits of complex calcium sulfonate grease are obvious.