Can diesel engine oil for diesel locomotives be replaced with diesel engine oil for vehicles?


Diesel engine for diesel locomotive has different chara […]

Diesel engine for diesel locomotive has different characteristics from diesel engine oil for vehicles. The diesel engine oil used has special performance requirements and cannot be replaced by ordinary diesel engine oil. The reasons are as follows:

(1) The diesel engine of the internal combustion engine has high pressure and high power. The power of the whole machine is 1000~4000kW, and the thermal load and mechanical load are higher than that of the vehicle diesel engine.

(2) The internal combustion engine diesel engine oil tank has a large volume, and the large amount of lubricating oil is expensive. Therefore, it is required to have a long oil change period, generally more than 100,000 kilometers.

(3) The diesel engine of the diesel locomotive has a large reserve power for overloading and uphill use. Only part of the power is used for normal operation, and the distance between the station and the station is not long, so the proportion of idle speed is large, accounting for 1|3~1/2 of the total operation. There are also a lot of low working conditions.

(4) Since the diesel engine of the diesel locomotive runs for a long time under low working conditions, the surface temperature of the cylinder liner is below the dew point of normal water, and the sulfur oxide generated by the combustion of sulfur in the diesel oil is easily dissolved into strong acid, causing severe corrosion and wear. According to statistics, when using diesel oil of the same sulfur content, the alkalinity value used for diesel engine oil in diesel locomotives is higher than that of motor diesel oil, and the alkali value retention is better due to the long oil change period.

(4) Because the diesel engine has a low proportion of low working conditions, the fuel hot water is not complete, and it is easy to generate a large amount of sludge, so that the oil filter is heavy and heavy, so the dispersibility of the lubricating oil is required to be good, and it is changed in the diesel locomotive. The length of the filter cartridge cycle is also an important indicator for assessing the quality of diesel engine oil in diesel locomotives.

(6) Due to the low proportion of low working conditions of diesel locomotives, the atomization of diesel nozzles is poor, and the degree of dilution of lubricating oil by diesel is high. Therefore, the viscosity of diesel engine oil should be high, usually SAE40. In recent years, it advocates 20W/40, which has energy saving effect. .