Do not look for the high-viscosity of lubricating oil excessively


The viscosity level of the lubricating oil is very impo […]

The viscosity level of the lubricating oil is very important for the normal operation of the engine. In order to prevent the contact surface between the moving parts of the engine from being worn, the lubricating oil must have sufficient viscosity to form an oil film between the moving parts at various operating temperatures, thereby making the automobile The engine runs smoothly. However, the use of excessively viscous lubricants can also cause some drawbacks.

Today, I would like to introduce in detail what are the hazards of using excessively high-grade lubricants?

One: may cause wear and tear

When the annual oversize is higher than affecting the engine start in Chengdu, it is likely to cause severe wear and tear at the start of the engine. Because the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too large, the flow is slow, and the oil pressure is reported, but the amount of lubricating oil passing through is not much, and it cannot be replenished to the friction surface in time. Some of the cycle speeds are also slower, and the cooling and heat dissipation effects become poor, causing the engine to overheat. Since the lubricating oil circulation speed is slow, the number of passes through the lubricating oil filter is also reduced, so that it is difficult to clean the worn metal chips, carbon particles, and dust from the friction surface in time.

Two: energy consumption

Since the viscosity is too large, the friction between the friction surfaces of the parts increases, and in order to overcome the increased friction, more fuel is consumed, resulting in a huge waste of energy. Although there are no mandatory requirements for domestic lubricants, low viscosity will be the future development trend of lubricants.

Therefore, during the seasonal alternation period, the driver must pay attention to the viscosity of the lubricating oil, and always check the quantity of the lubricating oil and the oil quality, and replace it in time. At the same time, it is better not to mix the lubricating oils of different brands. It is recommended that the owner use high-quality lubricant additives and use them regularly to ensure that the engine avoids overhaul and prolongs its life.