Does the model have to correspond to the oil brand?


Recently, many car owners reported that when using a ce […]

Recently, many car owners reported that when using a certain brand of engine oil, they found that the oil pressure was low, and then returned to normal after changing the new engine oil. He therefore believes that the latter is of better quality than the former. Some repairmen also said that some cars use a certain brand of oil pressure is not going up, no matter how to repair the lubrication system has no effect, once the other brand of oil is replaced, the pressure will return to normal.

In fact, as long as the engine lubrication system of the vehicle is running normally and the oil quality is qualified, the oil pressure of the engine can be guaranteed to be normal. There is no corresponding correspondence between the model and the oil brand, but the engine model has a correlation with the quality grade of the oil. For example, CD-grade diesel engine oil is suitable for ordinary diesel engines, and CF-4 and CH-4 are suitable for high-pressure turbo-engines. As for the above conclusions, it is nothing more than the following reasons:

1. The vehicle's fault can happen at any time. The oil used in a certain brand has been okay for a while. After changing the oil of another brand, the engine just happened to be faulty, which will determine that the quality of the used oil is not good. of.

2. The engine oil pressure is low, which may be caused by foreign matter in the oil or oil circuit. When the original organic oil is replaced, the foreign matter is also released, and the machine filter is replaced, and the oil circulation system returns to normal. Consumers feel that the added oil quality is good.

3. The original oil cleaning performance is not very good. When the oil with strong cleaning performance is replaced, the residual cement in the original oil circulation system is washed out and the machine is filtered, causing the oil pressure not to go up. The quality of the oil that consumers think is more clean is not good.

4. The engine itself has already failed. Some oils have not been revealed after use, and some oils have been exposed after use, making consumers feel that the two oils are of different quality.

5. The psychological role of consumers. Some consumers often use a certain brand of oil to trust this kind of oil, even if the engine has problems, it will not be considered as oil. For a new brand of engine oil, it is not safe to use. Once the engine is not normal, it will immediately suspect that there is a problem with the quality of the oil.

6. Some oils do not work well, and their own viscosity is not enough or the viscosity decreases rapidly during use, resulting in a drop in oil pressure. Some merchants sell high-viscosity products to meet high-pressure requirements. However, improving the viscosity of the oil does not fundamentally improve the oil circulation. Many drivers think that the higher the oil pressure, the better. In fact, the higher the better, the better. It should be within the normal range of 2-4 kg. Although the two types of oil used are within the normal oil pressure range, the driver is considered to be a product with a higher oil pressure.

In short, as the owner of the vehicle, the vehicle should be inspected frequently. If abnormal conditions are found, it should be quickly repaired and discharged. Do not rely solely on changing the oil to solve the problem. The engine failure cannot be eliminated by the oil.