Engine oil characteristics


1. Engine lubricating oil: The engines of large enginee […]

1. Engine lubricating oil: The engines of large engineering machinery are basically heavy-duty direct-injection diesel engines. The power equipment has the characteristics of complicated working conditions, high power, heavy heat load and high sulfur content of fuel. Therefore, the engine oil of construction machinery is required to be the lowest. Meet the API CF-4 and above standards. After 2010, the EFI engine that meets the national three emission reduction standards requires that the engineering machinery engine oil meet the minimum standards of API CH-4 and above.

2. Anti-wear hydraulic oil for engineering machinery: The hydraulic transmission system of engineering machinery consists of components such as hydraulic pump, control valve, actuator and auxiliary equipment. It has the characteristics of high pressure, high power, heavy load of oil pump, etc. It requires excellent resistance of oil. Grinding performance, better anti-foaming property and thermal oxidation stability, while requiring oil with higher cleanability and good filterability. Hydraulic oil for construction machinery usually uses HM/HV46 or higher hydraulic oil.

3. Engineering machinery gear oil: mainly used for front and rear drive axle final reducer and wheel reducer system. According to the quality level of API vehicle gear oil, large engineering machinery commonly uses API GL-5 heavy duty vehicle gear oil, but special for construction machinery. Some conventional physical and chemical indicators of gear oil exceed the API GL-5 quality requirements to meet the high-speed and shock load of engineering machinery deceleration systems, and the hyperbolic gear lubrication under high-speed low-torque and low-speed high-torque conditions.

4. Hydraulic transmission oil for engineering machinery: The hydraulic transmission oil for engineering machinery must meet the gear transmission, hydraulic transmission, automatic transmission and power of various types of loading machinery and other construction machinery under low speed and high torque conditions. The steering device is a multi-purpose vehicle oily medium with various functions such as energy transmission, control, lubrication and cooling. China's hydraulic transmission oil has only two kinds of enterprise specifications, which are divided into 8th and 6th according to the 100°C kinematic viscosity.