Grease lubrication


Grease lubrication can be used after filling the grease […]

Grease lubrication can be used after filling the grease for a long time without replenishing, and the structure of the sealing device is relatively simple, so it is widely used.

Grease lubrication has a sealing method in which the sealed bearing is filled with grease in advance, and a filling and fat filling method in which the inside of the outer casing is filled with an appropriate amount of grease and replenished or replaced at intervals.

In addition, for machines that require multiple bearings to be lubricated, a centralized grease supply method that connects the pipes to each lubrication location is also used. 1) Filling amount of grease The amount of grease filling in the outer casing varies with the structure and volume of the outer casing, and is generally filled to 1/3-1/2 of the volume. When the filling amount is too much, the grease will deteriorate due to stirring and heating, aging and softening, and care should be taken. However, when used for low-speed bearings, it is sometimes filled to 2/3-1 of the volume to prevent foreign matter from entering.

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2) Replenishment and replacement of grease Grease replenishment and replacement are closely related to the lubrication method. No matter which method is used, clean grease must be used, and attention should be paid to prevent the intrusion of external foreign matter. When replenishing grease, it is especially important to ensure that the new grease does enter the inside of the bearing.