In the field of industrial production, the most common is the lubricating oil


In the field of industrial production, the most common […]

In the field of industrial production, the most common is the lubricating oil. Why does it say so? This is because the performance of its products is very prominent and therefore very popular. Natural sales are also very good. So, how do you check the changes of lubricants? Here's to listen to industry experts for a detailed introduction.

The inspection of lubricating oil is very important, especially its change. Here's how to check the change of oil.

Through the exhaust inspection

If the exhaust gas is blue smoke, it means that the valve oil seal fails, and the lubricating oil enters the cylinder combustion chamber; it may also be due to excessive gaps between the piston ring and the cylinder wall or the failure of the piston ring; or due to the aging and damage of the engine oil seals and oil seals. Causes oil leaks and consumes too much oil.

2. Color

According to industry experts on lubricants, it is possible to take out a banknote, pull a grease meter and wipe it on paper to observe the presence of color and impurities. Generally, after the oil has been replaced, the vehicle will turn black after being used for a period of time after it is used for a period of time. This is normal. Other colors are not normal. If the color of the oil is found to be grayed out, whitened, or as if it is a chemical phenomenon, the oil is mixed with water. It may cause leakage of the communication between the engine cooling system and the combustion system.

3. Check the cover

Unscrew the filler cap and turn it upside down to observe the bottom. This can be seen at the bottom of the filler cap. If the bottom of the fuel filler cap is covered with a dark emulsion with a thick consistency, and there are small droplets mixed with oil, this is an abnormal situation. The cylinder head gasket, cylinder head or cylinder block may be damaged, causing coolant. Infiltrated into the oil caused. If this happens, contaminated oil can cause damage to the interior of the engine and requires major repairs.