How to Select a High-Temperature Grease


Follow these steps when selecting a high-temperature gr […]

Follow these steps when selecting a high-temperature grease:

  1. Determine the real temperature range. The operating temperature may be less than what it seems. Use a contact or noncontact sensor to measure the operating temperature of the grease. Does it exceed 392ºF (200ºC)?

  2. Is it intermittent or continuous? If it is continuous, then look for a top-tier product that meets the operational requirements.

  3. Do heating and cooling cycles accompany machinery operating and nonoperating intervals? Consider if moisture may be induced through either atmosphere or impingement.

  4. What is the reasonable relubrication interval or opportunity? If relubrication is going to be difficult, then consider a top-tier product to achieve a lower use cost even though it’s more expensive.

  5. Consider any cosmetic issues. Can the product drip onto a component in process? Relubrication frequency and volume must be balanced against product contamination issues.