Standard lubricant 2


(4) Viscosity The degree of hardness of the grease is t […]

(4) Viscosity The degree of hardness of the grease is the physical amount of the depth of the grease (indicated by 0.1 mm) in the metal cone of the specified weight within 5 seconds. The larger the value, the softer the value.

(5) Dropping point When the grease is heated, it becomes a flowing state, and the temperature at which it is dripped from a predetermined hole is called a dropping point. The higher the value, the higher the temperature is.

(6) Mixing of different kinds of greases The thickeners and additives are mixed, and the properties of the oils are changed. Therefore, in principle, various oils and fats are preferably avoided.

(7) Sealing amount of grease

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(9) Replenishment gap between grease Even if high-quality grease is used, the performance of grease is degraded due to long-term use and the surrounding environment, and the lubrication performance is low. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement and replace the grease at an appropriate time. Generally, the operating temperature of about 50 ℃ is once a year, and if it has a good heat resistance over 100 ℃, it is preferable to exchange it 2 to 3 times a year.