LUBU HFC Water-glycol Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

LUBU HFC Water-glycol Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

It is highly refined fire resistant hydraulic fluid taking water and glycol as base fluid with plural additives such as anti-wear agent, anti-oxidizer, rust inhibitor, defoamer and so on.According to international classification standard, it belongs to water-glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid of ISO-L-HFC type It also meets requirements of DIN 51502 HFC.


Item Typical       Results
ISO Grade 32 46 68
Base oil viscosity [mm²/s] at 40 °C 28.8~35.2 41.4~50.6 61.2~74.8
Viscosity index 190
PH value,  @20 ºC 8.0~11.0
Pour point [°C] ±5 -50
Corrosion resistance,(35ºC ±1ºC ,672h±2h) 1a
Air release @ 50°C, mins ≤ 25
Four Ball wear,60mins @392N mm ≤ 1
FZG scuffing, Fail load stage 11


  • Lower flammability than mineral oils;
  • Extended change intervals;
  • Excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance
  • Good filter ability;
  • Non-toxic, high level of biodegradability;
  • Long service life, lower maintenance costs.

Application area:

  • Recommended for all hydraulic systems, operating in conditions where the use of a mineral oil would present a fire hazard. Typical uses include: steel mill equipment, casting shop machinery, furnace door closers, die casting machines and underground equipment,etc.
    Applied temperature range: -50ºC~60ºC , applied pressure: 20MPa.
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