SHT-250 Synthetic High-Temp Chain Oil

SHT-250 Synthetic High-Temp Chain Oil

Base oil Synthetic oil
Grade SHT 250
Service temperature range [°C] -20~250


Item Typical       Results
Kinematic viscosity, (100ºC),mm2/s 32
Viscosity Index 120
Neutralization Value, mg KOH/g  0.5
Flash point [°C] 255
Pour point [°C] -5
Evaporation, (204°C, 6.5h),% m/m 10


  • Good thermal stability, service temperature up to 250° C;
  • Excellent lubricating and wear resistance performance, capable carrying heavy load ;
  • Good viscosity-temperature performance, easy start-up at low temperature; 
  • Less volatilization, saving cost, pollution-free, better operation condition; 
  • Little coking, chains remained in clean condition for a long time.

Application area:

  • Suitable for lubrication of chain transmission system at high temperature of domestic or imported thermal forming machine, drawing mill, stenter, printed forming machine;
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