XG/502 PTFE High Temperature Grease

XG/502 PTFE High Temperature Grease

Base oil PFPE
Thickener PTFE
Service temperature range [°C] -30 ~ 300


Item Typical       Results
NLGI grade 2#
Worked Penetration, 0.1mm 285
Color White
Dropping Point, °С No dropping point
Density, @20℃, g/ml 1.96
Corrosion, T2 sheet copper, 100°С, 24h PASS
Four-ball test, scar diameter, mm 0.48 
Base Oil Viscosity, @40℃, cSt 500 

*Note: Values shown here are typical and may vary.


  • Inert to liquid & gaseous oxygen;

  • Wide temperature range (-30℃ ~300℃);

  • Excellent lubricity, can withstand high mechanical loads and retain their excellent lubricating properties;

  • Long service life for high temperature lubrication;

  • Good compatibility with plastic, rubber and other materials;

  • Nonflammable;

  • Excellent electrical & radiation resistance..

Application area:

  • O-ring lubrication and protection; food processing; canning and textile equipment; solvent resistance for valve, gasket and bolt applications with railcars; lubrication of equipments used in high vacuum applications; cryogenic apparatus and pneumatic systems; any many other extreme service applications,etc.


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