XG/N2 Super High Temperature Grease

XG/N2 Super High Temperature Grease

Base oil Synthetic base oil
Thickener Non soap
Service temperature range [°C] -40 ~ 1200


Item Typical     Results
NLGI grade 2#
Worked Penetration, 0.1mm 265~295
Dropping Point, °С No dropping point
Oil separation by steel mesh,100℃, 24h % ≤ 2.0
Corrosion, T2 sheet copper, 100℃, 24h No green or black change
Pnetration change, 105 times cutting, % 25
Oxidation stability. @99ºC, 100h, MPa 0.04
Water resistant, @80ºC, % 8


  • Excellent high-temperature performance, anti-sticking, and sintering resistant property,ensuring normal operation under high temperature;;
  • Excellent extreme pressure anti-wear performance, low friction coefficient, good lubricity and wide service temperature, guarantee the normal lubricating under multipurpose;
  • Excellent water-resistant, anti-rust property, ensuring the normal lubrication under super high temperature;
  • Boron nitride high temperature grease with the properties of preventing spalling, burning, cold solidification and corrosion;
  • Excellent anti-corrosion property, won’t corrosion metal, good resistant to cold and hot water.

Application area:

  • Suitable for lubrication and anti-sticking of the bolts, nuts, flange, screw, needle and burning connection devices, etc, which used in engines, power plants, chemical plants, cement plants, gas turbine, the steam engine, high temperature valve and other contact with high temperature devices
  • Suitable for high temperature parts lubrication in steel mills;
  • Applied temperature range : -40℃ to 1200℃.
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