XG/L31 Winch Lubrication Grease

XG/L31 Winch Lubrication Grease

Base oil Synthetic base oil
Thickener Lithium complex soap
Service temperature range [°C] -35 ~ 180


Item Typical       Results
NLGI grade 2#
Appearance White color exquisite smooth ointment
Worked Penetration, 0.1mm 265~295
Dropping Point, °С 283
Oil separation, % 2.5
Corrosion, T2 sheet copper, 100°С, 24h No green or black change
Evaporation loss, (99℃,22h),%



  • Excellent high and low temperature performance, can be normally used within a wide temperature range;
  • Especially good low temperature performance, can be used in -35℃ environment;
  • Excellent water resistance, can also provide reliable lubrication for the bearing in a wet environment;

Application area:

  • Suitable for lubrication of rolling bearings under high temperature or cold working conditions , can provide reliable lubrication for the bearing in a wide range of working temperature.;
  • Especially suitable for lubrication of construction machinery, automobile and other equipment which working in the field . Can meet the various working conditions of the Capstan engine reliable lubrication.
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