Calcium-based greases and lithium-based greases


Calcium-based greases and lithium-based greases differ […]

Calcium-based greases and lithium-based greases differ in performance and range of use, temperature, and the like.

Calcium-based greases have better water resistance and adhesion properties. Generally used in places where water and gas are relatively heavy, and lithium-based greases are general-purpose general-purpose greases, and the single performance is not outstanding. The specific calcium-based grease is different from the lithium-based grease, and you can consult the fruit technology.

  Calcium base grease compared with lithium base grease: lithium soap, especially 12-light lithium stearate soap, has strong thickening ability for mineral oil or synthetic oil. Therefore, lithium grease and calcium sodium grease In comparison, the thickening dose can be reduced by about 1/3, and the service life can be more than doubled.

Lithium-based grease, especially a 12-sugar lithium stearate thickening grease, after adding antioxidants, rust inhibitors and extreme pressure agents, it becomes a multi-effect long-life general-purpose grease. It replaces calcium-based skim grease and sodium-based grease for bearing lubrication in aircraft, automobiles, tanks, machine tools and various mechanical equipment.

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