Calcium-based grease


1. Specifications: Calcium-based grease is a medium-vis […]

1. Specifications: Calcium-based grease is a medium-viscosity mineral lubricating oil thickened with calcium soap made of animal and vegetable oils (synthetic fatty acids for synthetic calcium base) and lime, and is made of water as a peptizing agent. According to the working cone degree, it is divided into four grades: 1, 2, 3, and 4. The larger the number, the harder the fat and the higher the dropping point. Calcium-based lipids tend to eliminate products in the international arena, but they are still used in large quantities in China.

2. Uses: Calcium-based grease is mainly used for rolling bearings of various industrial and agricultural machinery such as automobiles, tractors, water pumps, small and medium-sized motors, and lubrication of parts that are easily contacted with water or moisture. Rolling bearings with a temperature range of -10 ° C to 60 ° C and a rotational speed of 3000 r / min or less can generally be used.

2# is applicable to rolling bearings of general medium speed, light load, small and medium-sized machinery (such as electric motor, water pump, blower), lubrication parts of wheel bearings and clutch bearings of automobiles and tractors, and corresponding lubrication parts of various agricultural machinery. The temperature is 60 ℃.

The 3# is suitable for bearings of various medium-sized machines with medium and medium speeds. The maximum operating temperature is 65 ℃.

No. 4# is suitable for heavy-duty, low-speed heavy machinery, with a maximum operating temperature of 70 ℃.