Construction machinery lubricants use and precautions


1. Consult the lubrication expert and use the appropria […]

1. Consult the lubrication expert and use the appropriate specifications of the lubricant to minimize the type of oil used.

2, each machine with a simple legend shows the need for fueling parts, oil name, fueling cycle, etc. (should be responsible for the use of special oil, avoid using the wrong oil).

3. The name of the oil product should be indicated on each special container for lubricating oil to prevent pollution.

4. After each addition or replacement of the lubricating oil, make a timely record of the mechanical maintenance.

5. Before refueling and oil change, the cleaning work should be done in the relevant parts, but it can not be cleaned with water-soluble cleaning agent.

6. If the oil is abnormal, it should be sampled and submitted to the professional department for testing.

7, do not use the brand of lubricating oil, if necessary, allow blending to obtain the required viscosity, but can not be mixed.

8. The maintenance of the lubrication and filtration system plays an important role in maintaining the quality of the lubricating oil and prolonging the effective use time of the lubricating oil. The filtering system with good technical condition can filter the mechanical impurities in the lubricating oil by 80%-90%. To reduce wear by 30%-40%.

9. In the lubricating oil, it is necessary to prevent the intrusion of water. When the lubrication is changed, it is necessary to put the old oil out. It is wrong to use the method of how much to make up, because the oxidized and degraded dirt in the residual oil will accelerate. The deterioration of new oil.

10. Since the gear oil contains a large amount of colloids which have a good adhesion to the metal surface, it cannot be used for general mechanical lubrication. The gear oil is in use, the working temperature is not high, the quality changes little, and the consumption is small. When changing oil, you don't have to change it all, as long as it is replenished in time, there is no shortage of oil.