Reasonable choice of engineering machinery lubricating oil


1. It is usually selected according to regional conditi […]

1. It is usually selected according to regional conditions and engine wear state. For areas with higher temperature, the grades with higher viscosity and lower freezing point are selected. For new factory or overhauled machinery, due to the small assembly clearance, low viscosity lubrication should be used. For oils and old machines with large wear, use a lubricant with a higher viscosity.

2, according to the long choice of load and speed, heavy-duty, low-speed machinery should use a larger viscosity of the lubricant, and vice versa, the use of less viscous lubricant.

3. As long as the mechanical lubrication can be ensured, the viscosity of the selected lubricating oil is preferably smaller. The view that the viscosity is higher is better. The lubricating oil with high viscosity can produce a good oil film. It has a good lubricating effect, but the greater the viscosity, the greater the internal frictional resistance, which increases the additional load on the machine. The test proves that the high viscosity is required, which in turn increases the wear and increases the fuel consumption.

4. Engineering machinery gear oil cannot be replaced by ordinary vehicle gear oil.