Gear oils are different in their external environment and internal factors


During the mechanical operation, there will be friction […]

During the mechanical operation, there will be friction between the gears, and the friction will generate heat and generate friction debris. If these heats and impurities are not removed in time, the mechanical parts will be damaged, which is greatly shortened. The service life of the parts, so people add a proper amount of lubricant between the gears, to reduce the friction between the gears, to take away the heat generated by the friction of the gears and the friction generated by the friction.

Different types of gear oils are different in their external environment and internal factors. For example, in cold winters, lubricating oil should be used to select relatively rare lubricants, because the lubricating oil will gradually change with the temperature drop. Thick; as the temperature rises, the lubricant will become thinner, so when using gear lubricants in the hot summer, you should choose a thicker gear lubricant, so that the lubricant can be used in such an environment. Function to achieve the purpose of protecting the gear.

When choosing a lubricant, the first thing to look at is the date of production of the lubricant and the certificate of the product certificate to ensure the quality of the lubricant. Secondly, choose different types of lubricant according to the environment. The third is to buy. Before you must ensure that the lubricant has not precipitated, there are no other abnormal conditions, if any, should be replaced in time.

No matter what is purchased, people first think of their price, and then they will consider the quality and other issues, and some unscrupulous businesses just seize the consumer's psychology and sell some defective products to consumers, so Xingang Lubrication Technology advises consumers to not only look at the price when buying gear lubricants, but also to see the quality and other details to ensure that the products they purchase can achieve the results they expect.