Method on choosing Vehicle lubricating oil


The analysis engine is divided into gasoline engine and […]

The analysis engine is divided into gasoline engine and diesel engine according to the type of engine. The engine oil is also divided into gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil. The quality classification of engine oil is expressed by API S followed by an English letter and API C followed by an English letter. Gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil, the lower the alphabetical order of the heel, the higher the level. If the API SH level is higher than the API SG level, it is necessary to determine whether to use gasoline engine oil or diesel engine oil when selecting engine oil. If the API SH/CD is indicated on the package of the engine oil, it means that the oil is used as the gasoline engine oil level to reach SH, and as the diesel engine oil, the level is up to CD.

At present, the API level is backward compatible, and the API SL quality level oil can be used for engines that require API SH oil. If possible, use a higher level of engine oil as it provides better protection for the engine. In general, the higher the quality level of the engine oil, the more expensive the price. But you can't talk about it.

Select engine oil to determine the appropriate quality level or higher according to the manufacturer's instructions. The choice of engine oil also takes into account the seasonal changes. Because the viscosity of the oil changes with temperature, the viscosity becomes thicker in winter and the viscosity becomes lower in summer. Therefore, in very hot areas, try to choose oil with a slightly higher viscosity. In the cold season, thinner oil can be used.

Frequently overloaded or older vehicles should choose a higher viscosity lubricant to avoid excessive pressure due to low viscosity of the lubricant, causing unnecessary failure. Available in 50 or 20W/50 oil. In addition, always pay attention to the engine water temperature and oil pressure. If there is any abnormality, stop immediately to find the cause, and then continue driving after troubleshooting. In addition, the road condition has little effect on the choice of engine oil, but the road condition will affect the life of the oil to a large extent. In areas with poor road conditions, the oil change period of the oil should be shortened.

Lubricant manufacturers reminded that the new engine design requirements, due to the use of electronically controlled fuel injection, catalytic converters, EGR, PCV and turbocharged, intercooling and other technologies, the engine's working conditions are more stringent, using high quality level Engine oil can also extend engine life, reduce fuel consumption, reduce wear, extend oil change intervals, save oil, save maintenance costs and increase efficiency. High-grade engine oil can replace low-grade, while low-grade engine oil cannot be used in advanced engines.