Tell the real and fake oils on the market


Due to the large number of lubricant brands on the mark […]

Due to the large number of lubricant brands on the market, the quality of lubricants is uneven. It is generally difficult for ordinary car owners to identify the true and false lubricants. If you encounter fake oil, you will suffer great losses, but now you don't have to worry about it. Oil agent manufacturers military lubricants teach you some "simple and rude" to distinguish the true and false of the lubricant, easy to identify the authenticity of the lubricant, so that no longer the lubricants.

1. Color: True oil color is light and transparent, no impurities, no suspended matter, no sediment, and good fluidity when shaking. The fake oil or oil is darker. However, if it is used, it will be black again, and the oil will look less uniform and bright.

2, smell: new oil has no special smell, fake oil is often pungent, heavy taste.

3, feel: take oil at the fingertips, you will find new oil delicate and no magazine, fake oil is often thick, more impurities and strong friction, turbulent flow is poor, hand touch has a drawing phenomenon.

4. Weight: Although the fake oil and the secondary oil are not necessarily refining according to the lubricating oil standard, the impurities cannot be effectively monitored. Different impurities will make the oil of different bottles different in weight.

5, contrast: brand-name oil for anti-counterfeiting, label stickers, tank bottom, can lid inside, handles and other inconspicuous places have special marks, if the illegal elements custom packaging fraud, as long as the comparison of true and false two outer packaging can be distinguished.

6. Freezing: Take a little oil into the paper cup, then put it in a refrigerator at minus 15 degrees Celsius and freeze for 48 hours. After that, the genuine oil will show good low-temperature fluidity, while the transparency and color will not change significantly, while the fake oil will be slightly viscous and turbid.

Counterfeit oil hazard:

Inferior engine oil can not only protect the engine, but also cause the engine to pull the cylinder, burn the tile, and it is easy to cause sudden failure, endangering safety, and can not obtain the after-sales service promised by the vehicle manufacturer after the accident. In addition, the lubricant agent joined the company's military lubricants to remind the owners of the car, now many brands of lubricants now provide a special anti-counterfeit phone, if you buy such brands of lubricants, you can try to call.