XG/W5 HP-R High Temperature Grease

XG/W5 HP-R High Temperature Grease

Base oil Semi-synthetic oil
Thickener Lithium complex soap
Service temperature range [°C] -30 ~ 200


Item Typical       Results
NLGI grade 3
Appearance Blue color exquisite smooth ointment
Worked Penetration, 0.1mm 245
Dropping Point, °С 325
Sprinkling loss, 38°С,1h, % (m/m)  3.2
Extreme Pressure (EP) Four-ball test,  PD  N 3087
Extreme Pressure (EP) Four-ball test,  PB  N



  • Excellent extreme pressure anti-wear properties, idea lubricant for wheel hub bearing of heavy trucks;
  • Good  high temperature resistance, with high viscosity, keeping great lube film;
  • Excellent colloid stability, long service live, keeping longer interval of adding grease;
  • With better capabilities of anti-water, mechanical stability, and oxidation stability.

Application area:

  • Wheel bearing, chassis, motor and water pump etc.
  •  Also for application of bearing of continuous mill and steel output roller.

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